The Art of Simulation in Life Science

Innovations in med tech and life science are aimed at enabling people to live healthier lives. The focus of these advancements is on, among other things, the development and optimisation of medical devices such as implants and prostheses, and on attaining prognoses for surgical interventions.

SIMULIA’s digital solutions facilitate this step into the future without the need for many resources. In addition to reducing the cost and time required for the development process (time to market), CAE products can deliver detailed analyses in response to an exact specification of material properties and boundary conditions. This enables you, for example, to analyse differences among designs precisely because 100% reproducibility is guaranteed. Another advantage is customisation based on individual patient-related information including anthropometry and/or bone geometry.

Regulatory agencies such as the FDA recognise this advantage when approving new medical products and support the use of numerical simulations during certification processes.

We at SIMUSERV will put SIMULIA products and the experience we have gained through numerous projects, as well as Jo, our Virtual Human model, at your disposal.