Jo: The Art of Simulation for Virtual Human

Jo, the Virtual Human, is the result of more than 15 years experience simulating the human body based on data obtained from CT scans and MRI images of healthy humans. The model was validated using trial data from body segments including the lumbar spine, or using global parameters such as sitting-pressure distribution.

The investigation is centred on interactions between various products and the human body. Our customer base is active in a variety of industries including medical (wheelchair), lifestyle (lounge and office chair), and automotive. Focus is on diverse buzzwords and parameters such as decubitus and lower-back pain. Sitting and posture are the common denominators. One of the key insights we have gained is that exchanges among industries allow new ideas to emerge and facilitate new designs.

Voice of the Customer:

Kara Kopplin, Director of Regulatory Science, Permobil Seating & Positioning

"By collaborating with SIMUSERV on the analysis of wheelchair cushion designs, we were able to harness the power of FEA. This partnership accelerated our concept iterations, giving us objective ways to quantify improvement as the designs evolved. We are grateful for this partnership!"

Max Rogmans, CEO, Vicair BV

"We used the Virtual Human model Jo to get a deeper insight in the interaction between the body and the Vicair products. The experience of the SIMUSERV team in the field of FE analysis with the human tissue was a great support for open questions we had. Finally, it helped to visualize and quantify the benefits of our product for the final customer. We look forward to a further collaboration."