The Art of Simulation in Energy & Materials

Companies active in the electricity, oil and gas, mining, metals and minerals, and chemicals industries are facing multiple challenges. At the same time, environmental concerns and increasing public scrutiny are driving interests in alternative solutions. Traditional business models are being disrupted and companies are turning to new, innovative, and sustainable processes. The use of new materials and the understanding of how various materials and substances interact play an important role.

It follows that companies in these industries must promote diversification, accelerate innovation processes, increase organisational and infrastructural efficiencies, and improve responsiveness to be able to align their products with the changing priorities and demands of customers and society. Focus, particularly in the raw materials and construction industries, always must be on interactions with the environment.

Understanding production processes and the composition of materials is critical. SIMULIA’s Abaqus and CST Studio Suite® products allow our customers to analyze digital processes and thus to expand virtual spaces continuously using their powers of imagination.