The Art of Simulation in Aerospace & Defence

The aviation, aerospace, and defence industries are facing increasing pressure to lower production costs while increasing production rates.

Companies in the aviation and aerospace industries can use the precise simulation solutions included in the SIMULIA portfolio to master these complex challenges in a variety of applications. Simulations carried out early in the design stage can contribute to reducing development time and physical testing costs and can mitigate the risk of violating certification requirements.

Structural analyses using Abaqus can be completed at multiple levels of model fidelity, with seamless load transmission. At the concept stage, multi-disciplinary trade-off analyses can help optimise a design across a range of requirements. Cutting-edge CFD solvers reduce the need for costly wind tunnel testing and can be used to simulate the overall noise levels of new designs reliably.

The CST Studio Suite® features comprehensive electromagnetic solvers that allow for rapid antenna prototyping and ensure all communication systems are reliable.