The Art of Simulation in Consumer Goods

In a time of increasing customer requirements and global competition, brands are compelled to offer innovative solutions to the market. Companies need creative products to keep up with evolving consumer trends. This leads to consumer products having increasingly shorter lifecycles. In all this, design should not be given priority over important factors including sustainability, durability, and usability.

To this end, leading consumer product manufacturers and retailers rely on digital solutions: They want to drive innovations from the concept stage all the way to the final product, attract customers with their outstanding speed, and foster their company’s growth sustainably.

Individually or in concert with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, SIMULIA products such as the CST Studio Suite® and Abaqus provide companies with the opportunity to meet the requirements of the consumer segment. We at SIMUSERV can help define your digital workflow and optimise your processes. You can reduce your costs substantially by leveraging our long-standing expertise in electromagnetism, structural mechanics, optimisation, and many other fields.