3DEXPERIENCE – Plan your Entrance

3DEXPERIENCE® is a comprehensive, end-to-end business platform. It ensures every division in your company – from technology to marketing and sales – has the software solutions it needs to support your workflow. The big advantage is that all departments play on the same stage and thus contribute to the overall sound picture.

Wherever they are, team members in project management, development, production simulation, or preparation of parts lists have access to the same database in real time. The entire process remains transparent for all the partners, thus facilitating precision planning.

The benefits are many: Problems typically resulting from different release numbers used by different departments as well as errors occurring during data transfer are eliminated, resources are used efficiently, communication within your company and with your partners is faster and easier, fewer iterations are necessary, and the development process and time to market are accelerated.

3DEXPERIENCE is available on your premises and in the cloud.

Because the on-premise solution can be installed on your own servers or on provider-operated servers, you have more flexibility when adjusting it to your requirements and your processes.

Thanks to preconfigured applications, implementing the cloud solution at your premises is extremely quick and easy. Dassault Systèmes hosts, installs, administers, and maintains the solution for you. This means you have to allocate considerably fewer resources and need not invest in additional IT infrastructure. Dedicated user management and the security in depth concept guarantee a high level of security and ensure your sensitive data is protected. Updates are conducted regularly so your applications are kept current at all times.